Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Magic Circles

The universe being infinite, has no boundaries. Therefore, everybody is in the center of their own circle. If you are magical, then you are in the center of a magic circle. Circles are like reading an astrology chart, which are also done in a circle for a reason. Circles have two parts, one that is fixed and the other that moves, ebbs and flows. Part of your sacred circle is your aura, that ebbs and flows. Your circle has boundaries that also ebb and flow to a degree with your breath, change of mood, and is affected by life's circumstance. That part that is connected to the directions: north, south, east and west,those are fixed. Besides directional forces, there is also earth and sky. Learning to work with your sacred circle is what the work is all about. Be aware of being in the center of your circle, be aware of heaven and the ground, the divine is in the center of your being and in the center of your circle. Heaven sends divine energy down, washes and frees unwanted forces, in essence a cleaning. Then, fresh light, both from the earth and sky, charges you. You have a moment's communion with the divine, you are filled with knowing and special blessing, and then you are done. Do a closing prayer and finish. The magic circle is for magical people. The everyday circle is for everyday people. We work both.