Monday, November 22, 2010

Emotional Arrows

Emotions are not something we own. We find them or more often they are directed at us by other people. Some shamans think of emotions as arrows. Good ones dissolve and become a warm feeling where negative ones remain as arrows or giant thorns and continue to cause pain. If these arrows remain in a particular place over a period of time, they can cause illness. Shamans, through the help of their empowering spirit, pull arrows and intrusions out and release them to the ground or throw them to the sky to be dissolved the the Great Spirit. Releasing heavy emotion opens energy flow. We often make the mistake of claiming a negative energy and bringing it to our sense of self by saying "I feel sad or depressed or whatever". We have to remember, where did we get that emotion? Speak to it, release it, then bring fresh light to your whole being. These days, it is good to do something of this nature every day.