Saturday, January 1, 2011

Prayer Vigil

A prayer vigil is a three day intensive prayer ritual. It includes the prayers, which have a correspondence to air. There is also an offering of a candle and water. I do a simple cast, to both see how the situation looks, and what kind of guidance I am receiving from Spirit. While the ritual itself is simple, there is a lot of intuitive insight that goes along with the process. Doing an intensive, then suddenly stopping, releases a lot of energy into the prayer. I ask people to be aware of any kind of omens they might receive in their life.
The vigils are $30. This includes three days prayer work, and also a short cast.
Prayer vigils can pack a punch!! Often there is a lot that needs to be cleansed, a spiritual cleaning before new circumstances can be invoked. A number of these prayer works have brought up information to people that have had a strong affect, information that people were not completely aware of at the time of requesting the vigil. This information comes up from the omens themselves. This work is done both as a cleaning, a healing and a renewal.