Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blackhawk and White Eagle

Blackhawk and White Eagle are two spirit guides incorporated in an earlier spiritualist church. Many mediums in spiritulism had Native American guides. When spiritualism moved to New Orleans, these guides continued to work with some mediums in the traditional ways of spiritualism. They were also uniquely incorporated as spirit energies and worked with hoodoo doctors or conjure workes. Conjure workers follow an African tradition. They often create spirit pots as a focusing tool to communicate to spirits, so now Blackhawk and White Eagle were suddenly being worked through these spirit pots and were facilitating spiritual works such as protection and road opening.

For the past two years, I often find myself working with these spirits. I often get significant omens that seem to come from Blackhawk. The general thinking is, if you are receiving Blackhawk, then you are also receiving White Eagle. They work together.