Thursday, July 26, 2012

Divination Astrology

This is how I cast for a divination chart. In a small bowl, I have a hundred and eight seeds (sacred number is 108). I use a larger dried decorative corn. Focusing attention, I divide the seeds randomly approximately by half. This pile is then counted off by twelves. When you have counted off the pile by twelves, you are left with a remainder anywhere from one to twelve, one being Aries, twelve being Pisces, etc. They follow the order of the zodiac. That number rules the ascendant or first house. You fill in the signs uniformly. At the time the reading is being done or the time you get the questions for a reading, is when you now fill in the planets, as they are currently in the sky. This form of reading is inspirational and is very much the same in theory as the Tarot. Different Tarot readers have different cosmologies. This is not a system of formal astrology. This is a system of divination that uses some astrological concepts. Each chart has basically a ruler and that is the ruling planet of the first house. That ruler, along with the Moon, can suggest a significant amount of information. I am surprised by the types of synchronicity I get from this method. I have done charts for a single person, throughout a year, and end up with the same ruler almost every single time. Because of that, I have had a sense that something is trying to speak through the reading!