Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have read all your readings 1 through 6 and am most grateful to you. I am now rereading them and have just completed Reading 3. What I can tell you is that your readings are spot on. You have me to a T, for transcendental. I have been seeing you since the early '80's and you have always been most insightful and inspirational. But never more so than now. I know you will reject this but you don't charge enough for your services. More soon, Terry

Some testimonials about my work

"I highly recommend Eric Teissedre --with his divination and guidance, my relationship with my wife and family has improved, and consulting Eric saved me a lot of money once. He’'s been an invaluable resource for over a decade." John S. , San Francisco, Ca "I have used Eric Teissedre’'s magical and healing services since he lived in Santa Barbara, Ca. His work is superb. Just let him talk! …When I listen back to my old tapes, I'’m always sorry I interrupted him!" Elissa H., Santa Fe, NM “"I’'ve had a few different astrology readings , but I remember my first session with Eric because he made things clear to me at a time of transition and confusion. Looking back, he was also very accurate. He really helped me get where I was going."” Brandon W., Los Angeles, Ca

Divination Astrology

This is how I cast for a divination chart. In a small bowl, I have a hundred and eight seeds (sacred number is 108). I use a larger dried decorative corn. Focusing attention, I divide the seeds randomly approximately by half. This pile is then counted off by twelves. When you have counted off the pile by twelves, you are left with a remainder anywhere from one to twelve, one being Aries, twelve being Pisces, etc. They follow the order of the zodiac. That number rules the ascendant or first house. You fill in the signs uniformly. At the time the reading is being done or the time you get the questions for a reading, is when you now fill in the planets, as they are currently in the sky. This form of reading is inspirational and is very much the same in theory as the Tarot. Different Tarot readers have different cosmologies. This is not a system of formal astrology. This is a system of divination that uses some astrological concepts. Each chart has basically a ruler and that is the ruling planet of the first house. That ruler, along with the Moon, can suggest a significant amount of information. I am surprised by the types of synchronicity I get from this method. I have done charts for a single person, throughout a year, and end up with the same ruler almost every single time. Because of that, I have had a sense that something is trying to speak through the reading!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mercury Retrograde

I am writing this when Mercury is Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde follows the general thinking that anything that can go wrong, most likely will go wrong. It is that planet that can bring through difficulty in communication. The general rule is not to start anything brand new with a Mercury retrograde. It is different when you go back and complete tasks yet unfinished. It is also a good time to do some personal cleaning, both physical and spiritual. Mercury retrograde makes for some interesting synchronicities and of course, in the law of omens, everything has some meaning.

Spiritual Works

Central to all spiritual working is the idea of cleaning and invoking. This is done primarily on an energetic level. There really are only two spiritual works. One is to release and the other is to call. Doing this on an energetic level is primary. You might not know exactly what is being released. It can be old emotions or even spirits themselves. The same is true about invoking. When spiritual working is being done, those ideas often come to mind. You sense what needs to be released and you also sense what needs to be installed. Readings, too, will often work exactly the same way. Information tends to be about what we are trying to eliminate or old issues, and what we are trying to establish in our lives.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Water Offering

Bowls and glasses of water are often used as offerings to the spirits. These waters will often have small additions such as a few drops of alcohol, sometimes Florida water, maybe a few pinches of salt if it is cleaning water and a few pinches of sugar if this water is drawing prosperity. The most important ingredient are prayers and intentions. These waters are left on the altar for the spirits. Some spiritual workers are capable of seeing in these waters,like a crystal ball. Sometimes these waters are added to the bath water as a cleaning water. When the waters are done,they are released outside, sometimes to the roads or by a tree.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Prayer Vigil

My prayer vigils are ritualisitic in nature. Included are offerings. These are done for one day to three days, with the idea of building up a charge around a prayer. Sometimes significant spirits are included, also divination is done to see how the prayers are going. After this short period of time, these prayers are released to nature, the idea being that this starting and stopping of a prayer builds up a charge and you want that charge to be released for results and reflections from the Universe.