Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cleaning and Purification

During a reading and a spiritual cleaning, emotional stuff comes up. It is not uncommon for people to shed a tear and to have a lot of old feelings suddenly surface. This is good since it is emotion and grief being released. Now here is the oddity: Our inner energy can link with the elements. Emotions being released can be so intense, it affects the plumbing of a house and the electricity. The plumbing is more common but electricity can pick up on the energy. My apartment, where I have been reading for the past 22 years, has had a lot of odd phenomenon in and around the bathroom, from the toilet starting to sink through the floor, the shower acting up, and water coming down from the ceiling. Not just occasionally, but quite a bit. These things are not uncommon when you are doing healing work and it is not uncommon for people to feel emotions come up, their stomach, and their psychic center, the navel, to suddenly start acting up. Of course when you explain it to people, they can find it a little hard to believe but it happens so frequently, I know it is a synchronicity of the energy work.