Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hoodoo is another name for magic. Everybody practices magic, subconsciously. You don't have to be aware of gravity to be affected by it. It is the same with magical thinking. People associate different ideas with colors . They have their favorite color. People have their favorite perfume. People will unconsciously pick up a stone or a shell without realizing why. The magician is conscious of magical symbology and even understands why people are linking with the symbols they are. People use magic to influence other people. This is very true with love. You go out to eat food. Cards, music, and poetry are tools of love. Business does the same, it uses strong emotionally charged phrases to get into your subconscious and to affect you. Once you become conscious of symbols and see the magic that is going on around you everyday, all the time, you become a powerful omen reader. It is a good practice to periodically have your aura and energies cleared, clear those thoughtforms, clear the emotions, re-dedicate yourself to the Divine Spirit.