Monday, October 31, 2011

Psychic Readings

I do all psychic readings presently via email.
Here are some elements that I share.
It is through our own actions that we create our fate. The heavens might suggest a course of action. What they do not do is dictate that course of action. The value of a reading is that it is reflective and through the seven powers, the seven planets, we can receive insight in regards to our course of life, our work and those around us. I invite any questions that one might be concerned about. Some are seeking more instruction in intuitive processes, meditation, or even some concepts of positive magic. I am surprised by how well the emails have been received. This is a user-friendly modality of the times. I market my readings for the professional who seeks the convenience of working from the comfort of their home or office with fast responses. These readings last approximately five days, with email installments made each day and the asnwering of questions that are requested.