Sunday, October 30, 2011


Email readings are interactive. They last approximate five days. All my readings are intuitive and I use divination to help facilitate the intuitive process. The readings pick up on key archetypes, which can rule you as a person or rule what is going on in your life. Sometimes these archetypes represent a phase you might be going through. By participating in the process, you will often recognize how the reading applies to your life. This is interactive and you are invited to ask questions as the reading goes along. Questions are not absolutely necessary. I will keep sending one or two emails daily, for the entire five day period. There are times I will ask you a question, to help clairify what it is I am receiving. People have found this email forum to be helpful. At the end of five days, you can print the entire reading, both my words and your responses back and forth. In essence, you will have a small booklet for your memory. It is fine to start out with a few questions. Do not be surprised if spirit offers other elements along with your initial concerns.This is a process I have been perfecting for two years and many are finding it satisfactory. Inquire about this process at