Saturday, December 17, 2011


There are two types of shamanism. One is called "agricultural" and the other is called "nomadic". Recently, I have been getting numerous lessons in nomadic shamanism. Part of the nomadic process is that tools and ritual objects are portable.As I have been traveling, I have been using a small portable altar and to bless this, I prayed intensely on a seven day candle. One hour after lighting the candle, the top of the glass blew off, it made a substantial ball of fire and it set off our smoke detector. I assumed from this omen that the altar had been turned on and was now functioning full force! This altar is an altar I use to work with the goddess and all her mysteries. Part of those mysteries is Kundalini shakti. I often meditate with the forces for both insight and energy to begin the day's work, which is a number of email readings going out simultaneously. Ritual often produces omens and it is through omens we sense the deities.