Thursday, December 8, 2011

Solar and Lunar Power

I often do prayer vigils to accompany my reading sessions. Central to my spiritual work is working with the solar power. The Sun is the healer, the sacred fire and the Lord of Light. The Sun always goes hand in hand with the Moon. They become the Lord and Lady of spiritual work. The Moon gives the vision and allows us to see the spirits, the invisible world and facilitates in doing psychic work. The Sun becomes the healer. Often in invoking the solar power, we use fire or a candle, along with prayer. This type of work is how spiritual work was done in the olden times. Nothing in divination is fixed. The mere reason something can be seen is to find a way to improve that situation. Rarely is something written in the stars, as an absolute.
Fire and Water go hand in hand. Water becomes the symbol of purification and relates to holy water. It is also water that is used as a visionary tool for seeing . Fire is a tool for healing.